Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shine A Light

This week has been a busy one.  After a small break, Noodle Poodle's volleyball practice is back in full swing.  And we have been in Vacation Bible School.  I love VBS.  It is such an awesome experience to witness children as they learn more about God, while having a great time.  The church we have been going to, is one of the churches I grew up in.  We started going there when I was 9 and just walking in the doors of that country church, brings back so many happy memories.  One of the most wonderful men I have ever known, was our pastor.  He has since past away and the church received another wonderful man to pastor them.  I am always delighted when I see pastor Donald.  He has a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face each and every time I see him.  You can honestly see the love of God shine, through him.  To me, that is what a Christian is suppose to be.  We are suppose to shine a light for God.  We are suppose to let other's see, through us, the love he has for everyone.  Sadly, with some people this is not the case.  How can others see the love of God, when they are being harshly and openly judged by someone else or hear someone claiming to be his, gossip?  How can they see the warmth of God's love, when they see people claiming to be Christians, pass by those in need, as if they aren't even there?  How can they see the forgiveness in God's love, when they have a so called follower of his, hold grudges and refuse to forgive others?  How can they see the love God has for all people, when they witness people from different denominations fight over who is right?  They can't.  They don't.  And they won't. 

It is up to each and every Christian to be a soldier for Christ.  To be a soldier we are to be an example of how God's love works.  We are to show compassion, respect, forgiveness, and kindness to others.  Whether they are fellow Christians, non Christians, rich, poor, straight, gay, white, black, brown, or purple with pink polka dots.  We are suppose to love others, just as Christ loves us.  To be a witness to others is not bashing them with how wrong they are.  The truth is we are all sinners.  How can we judge another person's life, when we are sinners ourselves?  It reminds me of the song that goes: "I'm not perfect, just forgiven."  I am not perfect, by any means.  I sin each and every day.  I need God's forgiveness and grace each day that I live.  We all do.  Even though I stumble and have made huge mistakes in my life, (and will continue to as long as I live) I hope that when I leave this world, I have at least one person say they could see God's love through me. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

I love being an American.  I love our freedom.  And I have the upmost respect for our military.  They are true heroes.  These men and women are willing to pay the ultimate price, to preserve our freedom.  Since the birth of our great nation, many have paid that price.  I love my family and spending time with them.  And I love Summer time.  So it goes without saying the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  We had a great 4th.  The weather has been hot and dry in East Tennessee, so we skipped buying fireworks.  I'd hate to have set the mountain on fire, after all.  We opted to watch fireworks on t.v. instead.  I think we may have started a new tradition.  It was nice watching the fireworks with music synchronized, in the comfort of my favorite chair and of course air condition.     ;-) 

When I think of America and her history, I am reminded of those who came before us.  I am reminded of all of those who in the realm of our nation's history lost their land, their culture,  their freedom, and their lives.  I think of those who came to this land in pursuit of a better life and religious freedom.  I think of those who fought and those who formed this nation, those that fought and died for America to be born.  I think of those who were brought here against their will, sold, and forced into slavery.  I think of those who fought and died, so that all men in our country would be free.  I think of the women who fought for the rights to be seen as equals.  I think of my ancestors.  Those that already lived in these mountains (Cherokee) and those that came from Ireland to carve out lives and homes in a complete wildreness.   I think of how blessed we are, to be living now, enjoying the harvest of that freedom those of the past planted.   I think of what a great nation we have become and with God's blessing will remain. 

Whether you  are a fellow American, or a reader from another country, I pray that the following part of the Declaration of Independence describes you and your life.  May you be blessed by our Creator.   May you be treated as equal, with every freedom that every human deserves.   And may you be successful with your pursuit of happiness.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Having Fun Making Gifts

I thought that I would make a little romper for my baby nephew and a pillow case dress for my baby niece.  OK, so they are my baby cousins,  I've always called my younger cousins my nieces and nephews.  It's one of the benefits of being one of the older cousins in a HUGE family!   After I made their little outfits, I decided to keep on going and make all of the small kids in the family a little something.  After all, I didn't want to hurt any feelings or leave anyone out.  Yeah, I'm a big softy like that.  So here's pics of their gifts.  As well as a picture of Giggle Bear's little dinosaur plushie.  Which I made out of one of his old baby blankies.  Here's the link to the pattern I used.  Little Black Teapot.  Of course mine looks nothing like hers.  The ones she made are adorable!  Mine looks like a newbie made it (uh-hum) and it sort of looks more like the Lock Ness Monster, compared to the dinosaur it is suppose to look like.  But hey, who's to say Nessie isn't a dinosaur, herself.  Right?  

Now keep in mind, I am still in the learning process of sewing and I have a LOT to learn.  I made quiet a few mistakes, especially on sewing the edges of the bows. I think I'll use this blog as a way to document my progress on the road from beginner to most awesome sewing lady in all the land!  Ha ha ha!  J/K on that last part.  

~Giggle Bear's  Dinosaur~
So, it's not the best plushie around.  However, a certain little man loves it. 

~ Jon Jon romper,  pillow case dress, and purse~
 My two youngest niece and nephew's matching outfits.  I wish I had paid better attention to the bows when making them.  We learn from our mistakes though. 
~Bow Ties for three of my nephews~
Note to their mothers: These match perfectly to the other two's dress and romper.  A certain auntie would love a picture of the 5 of them together. 

                                                ~Blue Jean Purses made for the "big" girls.~                                                                   
These were made from a pair of old blue jeans.  The first two are the bottom part of the legs.  The  last two are "Daisy Dukes" style.  (Fringe on the top.  Although, I think I should have fringed them a little more after looking at the picture.)

~Friendly Little Monsters for the "big" boys.~   
                              After using the no sew attach glue for the arms and legs, I figured out it would have looked better if I had sewn those parts into the fabric as I was making them.  Another lesson learned.  I  attached the following poem (that I found online) to each of them.

"I am a monster  through and through.
But, please don’t be scared, I will not hurt you

I do not want to make you cry.
That is the truth, I never lie.

I would not give you a nasty stare.
I won’t wake you with a strange nightmare.

So why am I here this very day?
The answer is easy, I just want to play!"

      ~Author Unknown


~I.D. holders for my two teenage nieces~     
I also have an older nephew and had no idea what to make him.  So, I made one of the coin purses  for him to use as a "guitar pick" holder.  I must not have snapped a picture of it, before I delivered it.  It looks just like this only in blue jean material.  And without the ribbon, of course. 

~Mamaw's Big Purse~
  My grandmother who is having her 80th birthday this week, loves big purses. 
I love the little button flap in the middle.  I'm not quiet sure if it will hold it closed, but it is cute.

So there you have it.   What I have been working on for the past few days.  I know I have a long way to go, however, as they say: "Practice makes perfect." 

On another note, I received my wonderful football tote all the way from Japan!  My new friend Janine over at CraftyTokyoMama  surprised me with a note that has my name written in Japanese!   LOVE it!  I really wish I knew how to write in Japanese, it's so pretty.

May God bless each of you with a peaceful night and a bright glorious day tomorrow!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful Day and Great Memories!

It is such a beautiful day!  There's a cool breeze so our windows are open letting the fresh mountain air in.  The breeze is blowing the leaves on the trees as well as the American flag on our front porch and the birds are singing such beautiful tunes.  Ahhhh, I love days like today.  Giggle Bear is outside "helping" his daddy work on the house.  Noodle Poodle is on the porch swing, apparently she is the foreman for their construction crew.  I'm not real sure where she gets the bossy bone from..... uh-hum.... must be her daddy's side of the family!  Ha Ha!

Yesterday was an awesome day, as well.   Noodle Poodle made next year's volleyball team for the middle school.   I can't believe she's so grown up.  I have mixed emotions on this whole her being in middle school thing.  On one hand I am excited that she is fixing to start a new chapter in her life. On the other hand I miss the days of piggy tails, frilly pink dresses, and that gorgeous smile with missing teeth. Sigh, they really do grow so fast.

I've been practicing my new found love for sewing.  Yesterday, I made a toy dinosaur and a jon-jon for Giggle Bear.  This morning, I started out making a Bible cover..... it turned into a Bible bag.  Not exactly what I was shooting for, but it's still cute.  ;-)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am sooooooo glad I found the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway contest!  I have met a lot of  wonderful people from all over the world.  And I have even won 3 awesome prizes!  It really amazes me how many people are interested in crafts and sewing, like I am.  I have been like a kid in a candy store, going from blog to blog following people and drooling over their creations. I have also figured out I have ADHD, when it comes to craft making.  I can't focus one just one area of crafts.  I want to do them all and I want to do them now! :-)

My FABULOUS winnings and links for you to see their designers shops!  

241 Tote                Everdeen Earrrings                Football Tote

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look For Better Days

Yesterday, I visited one of my most hated places on earth.  The dentist office.  Anxiety fills my entire body, before I even get pulled out of my driveway, every time I have a dentist appointment.  To say I loath sitting in that chair is putting it mildly.  After heart surgery and two c-sections.... I still have to have my husband in the room with me to hold my hand.    I avoid going, till I have no other choice.  Yesterday, was one of those days.  My upper two wisdom teeth were taking out 5 years ago.  At that time, the lower ones had yet to come through enough to be pulled... and I was in no way going to be put to sleep to have them cut out.... just not going to happen.  Side note: The dentist had told us, much to T's  amazement, that I have a rather small mouth... and that was somehow a factor in why I had so much trouble with  my wisdom teeth.  LOL!   So, yesterday after spending 4 days with a bottle of ibuprofen, I gave in and went to have one of the bottom ones pulled.  All I can say is, I can't wait for this to heal up!  That bottle of ibuprofen is still my friend.  Salt water, clove oil, and a heating pad have now joined our little clique.  I have said all of this to say:  Even when we are having rough times, we always have an option to look for the better day ahead.  Eventually, no matter our situation, God always brings us to that better day.  :-)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hubby Turns 35!

We returned home from Disney World last week.  I think the only bad thing about being at DW, is not wanting to leave.  My kids had the time of their lives.  My biggest child (that's of course my husband) enjoyed his surprise 35th birthday dinner with Mickey and the gang  at Chef Mickey's!  I can't believe I kept the reservations a secret for so long.  I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets, especially when I'm excited about it!  Okay, so I did tell my daughter, my mom, my mother in law, and my dogs.  But still, I didn't tell the birthday boy, till we were on the way to the restaurant!  ;-)

My favorite 35 year old and my favorite mouse!