Monday, March 26, 2012

Childhood Blessings

I grew up watching my father studying the Bible.  I can recall many times, opening the door to his study and seeing him on his knees in prayer.  I grew up listening to my mother's angelic voice sing praises to God, both inside the Church and at home.  In my teen years, I would try to get out of going to church. My mother in all of her wisdom, told me she was not going to force me to go church.  It would be up to me to decide whether to serve the Lord, or not.   Now of course the first few weeks of my new found "liberation"  I loved it!  After a while, I realized I missed church.  The freedom my mother had given me, was in sort like the freewill God gives every human.  He does not force us to accept him.  He gives us a choice.

As I have grown older, I realize what a true blessing it was to have grown up with such true steadfast Christian parents.  What a blessing to walk in on my father, in the midst of his fellowship with God!  Many have walked in to find their fathers doing drugs. What a blessing it was to see and hear my mother offer as a gift her praise to the Lord, through the very voice he had blessed her with!  Many have heard  their mothers voice as she screams or curses them.

I grew up knowing that either of my parents would lay down their lives for me.  I grew up being told by my mother in her own words: "There is nothing you could ever do, that would make me stop loving you."  This is like the love our Heavenly Father has for us.  There is nothing we could ever do to make him stop loving us.  He sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins, just because he loves us.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

After The Storm

Yesterday was a series of powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Our state was one of the many hit by the violent weather.  In our little community alone,  as soon as one tornado or thunderstorm warning was over, another quickly appeared.  Tornadoes were spotted in two neighboring communities with one touching down.  I thank the Lord for watching over my family, friends, neighbors, and me.

Sadly over 30 people lost their lives due to these storms.  My prayers are with the families of these victims as well as those who are injured and those who have lost their homes.  Such a tragic night for many.