About Me

First and foremost I am a Christian.  I’m not really conservative, nor would I call myself much of a liberal either.  I’m more of a “Do unto others as you’d have done to you” and a “Live and let live” kinda person.  I believe that everyone’s life is between them and God, I have no business in their life nor do they in mine.

My husband, T is the love of my life.   We have two children Noodle Poodle and Giggle Bear. They are the most wonderful, brilliant, beautiful children in the world! (Hey, what can I say I am their momma of course I think that! LOL)   I have been blessed to have two of the best parents ever.  My in-laws are pretty awesome, as well.   I also have my fur-babies, my dogs. I am an animal person to say the least.