Christian and Southern Stereotypes

I live in the northern part of East Tennessee. Our area is such a beautiful part of the country. I can't stand to  hear people stereotype us as "backward thinking, white trash, ignorant, and judgmental." I will admit there are a few that would fit this description pretty well, however that is true with all stereotypes. As with all stereotyping those people do not represent the rest of us and our lives. Do I live in the mountains? Yes, I do. Do I talk with an accent? Yes, very much so. Am I proud of my "hillbilly" heritage? Yes, I am. I can not understand how in our country stereotyping everyone else is frowned upon, however when it comes down to us hillbillies we are fair game. It is the same with my religion. It seems everyone in America has the right to practice their religion without being mocked, except Christians. Yes, I realize some who say they are Christians ridicule others and how they live their lives. However once again, these people do not represent the rest of us.  Christ's teachings were about love and peace.  Those are the principles and values I live by and that I teach my children.