Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful Day and Great Memories!

It is such a beautiful day!  There's a cool breeze so our windows are open letting the fresh mountain air in.  The breeze is blowing the leaves on the trees as well as the American flag on our front porch and the birds are singing such beautiful tunes.  Ahhhh, I love days like today.  Giggle Bear is outside "helping" his daddy work on the house.  Noodle Poodle is on the porch swing, apparently she is the foreman for their construction crew.  I'm not real sure where she gets the bossy bone from..... uh-hum.... must be her daddy's side of the family!  Ha Ha!

Yesterday was an awesome day, as well.   Noodle Poodle made next year's volleyball team for the middle school.   I can't believe she's so grown up.  I have mixed emotions on this whole her being in middle school thing.  On one hand I am excited that she is fixing to start a new chapter in her life. On the other hand I miss the days of piggy tails, frilly pink dresses, and that gorgeous smile with missing teeth. Sigh, they really do grow so fast.

I've been practicing my new found love for sewing.  Yesterday, I made a toy dinosaur and a jon-jon for Giggle Bear.  This morning, I started out making a Bible cover..... it turned into a Bible bag.  Not exactly what I was shooting for, but it's still cute.  ;-)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Did you use a pattern for the toy dinosaur?


    1. Hi Stephanie! It was a wonderful day indeed. :-)
      Yes mam, I found it online.

      The Little Black Teapot:

      Mine sort of looks like it has a neck injury, though! LOL I've been trying to practice with different things for the past few days. I'm loving it! Of course it helps to go to sites like yours and others to gain inspiration and knowledge. I'm so glad ya'll post your ideas. Thank you! :-)